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  • There are many features that have to be kept in mind when choosing a style-both by you and the hair stylist. Amongst them here are a few “must look into’s”

    Hair length, volume & texture, type & condition.
    Body size and proportions.
    Prominent facial features and bone structure.
    The use of glasses and hearing aids.
    Is the client confident & outgoing or timid & shy.
    What age group is the client in?
    Time available for client to style hair.
    Life style of the client.
    Job requirements.
    Existing wardrobe.
    Hair Styles for Different Occasions:
    Every occasion calls for a specific look. If one can relate to a certain hairstyle then she is confident and feels beautiful throughout the function.

    The idea is to know what style to choose for which occasion. If it is just an evening out with friends, I suggest you leave your hair open and styled according to your hair cut. If you have a special date then a sleeker more stylized look, will be appropriate, may be an ironed out will suit the occasion.

    Hair Care Treatment
    Blow dry
    Care of split ends
    Falling hair treatment
    Hot oil treatment
    Head massage treatment
    Anti dandruff treatment
    Post colour treatment
    Trendy hair cuts
    Style change
    Hair Color

    Hair Colour
    Should You Streak or Colour Your Hair :
    Commonly a client who wants a permanent colour is seeking to disguise their graying hair. A client who wants something to tone a few grey hair may be successfully assisted with temporary, semi-permanent or larger-lasting colourants. However, if the client is really longing simply for a full hair colour change, then she must be made aware of the fact that she will need a roots touch up every month or so to maintain the colour change.

    Streaking your hair is giving different colour tones to it. Often the more natural, softer, blending tones are the most pleasing, but contrasting tones can be very effective. You need to be clear as to exactly how much and which parts of the hair you want to lightened. The style worn should help to determine which parts to lighten.

    Root Perm – For layered hair or graduated hair without body. This perm gives lift and body at root areas only.
    Ends Perm – For layered or one length hair. Gives body to the ends of the hair and when below dried keeps the curl in place for a much longer time.
    Pin Curl – For layered or uniform length. Gives lift and body with soft waves right through the hair.
    Bender Perm – For layered or uniform length. Gives a body wave all over the hair. It forms soft natural rounds curls.
    Spiral Perm – On one length or long layered hair the effect is amazing. It creates cascades of curls with a firm uniform curl.

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