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  • Our make-up professionals will ensure that you enjoy a relaxing reprieve from your daily routine and leave you looking and feeling fabulous.We value the importance of having the best tools in applying makeup and our professional makeup artists trust and make use of only the latest and reputed international and local brands. Our services include Facials, Body Waxing, Bleaching, etc.

    To have a perfect make up it is important to have a good skin. Make-up starts with great skin. So to look great on the wedding day it is important to take care of certain things before the wedding ceremony. Here’s a list of things you should consider and avoid during the pre wedding days:

    Today’s make up trends are mainly glossy and shimmering. Girls go for glitter and gloss. Proper and accurate make-up matching the skin tone can really make someone very attractive, beautiful and elegant. So if you are going to parlor for make up than you can opt for the following make up.

    Special waterproof makeup for monsoon wedding
    Face makeup
    Eye makeup
    Special effects makeup
    Eyes makeup
    Lips makeup
    Special party makeup for various pre-wedding functions
    Special wedding makeup
    So go for that special makeup that will make you special on the most important day of your life. But keep in mind that your make should match your hairstyle and dress and it should be simple and elegant. It should not look overdone.

    Make up Beauty
    Basic Guide to Choosing Makeup Colour
    Choosing the right makeup colours is an art. Someone people seem to know instinctually which shades will look best on them. Others have problems selecting even a simple neutral lipstick. Here is some advice that will help you determine your best colours.

    Day & Evening Makeup
    What is the difference between day and evening makeup? Well, when applying makeup, you always need to take into consideration the amount of light you will exposed to. The more light that will be in your environment, the more subtle your makeup needs to be or else you will end up looking overdressed.

    Wedding Makeup That Last
    On your big day, you want your makeup to last. Not only that, but you want to look stunning in your photographs. In order to insure that your makeup will last as possible, it may be best to hire a professional to take care of it. However, here is some advice to keep in mind even if you do hire a makeup

    This scrub helps to get rid of the dirt and the superficial dead skin but it should not be used more than once a weak and never on dry skin. Mix 2 teaspoon of fine bran with a quarter of dried yeast and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice along with a table spoon of water. Gently massage the thick paste so formed in the skin, particularly on and around the nose and the chin area, using a soft brush; avoid applying around the eyes. Wash off after 1-2 minute using warm water.

    Makeup Tips & Beauty Advice
    There’s no doubt about it: when you do everything you can to look your best, you feel better about yourself and are ready to tackle the upcoming challenges of each day. Our beauty & makeup tips are designed for busy people of any age and all walks of life. Whether your goal is to learn how to apply makeup, to give yourself the perfect manicure, or find a shampoo that works well with your hair type, we offer tips and techniques that will help you on your way to being the best that you can be!

    You shouldn’t have to spend your life savings at swanky spas or hire makeup consultants to help you look beautiful. Our beauty & makeup tips staff has collected a vast array of massage, bath, aromatherapy, and facial recipes that are quick and easy-many of which require ingredients that are already in your refrigerator and pantry. We offer makeup application and product tips, shaving techniques, and information on exercise and relaxation programs.

    Beauty : Not Just For Women
    So many men think that beauty is just for the ladies. If being beautiful means being fit, healthy, relaxed and clean, then beauty is for everyone. Whether you’re concerned with getting the closest shave possible or finding massage oils that will relax your muscles after a strenuous workout, beauty & makeup tips has plenty to offer.

    Beauty & Makeup Tips Can Better Your Health
    Beauty is so much more than just a great looking face and body. Looking good means having a healthy body and positive outlook on life. When you implement wellness programs such as a healthy diet, exercise, and stress management, you will feel energized and look younger that you ever thought possible. It’s easier that it sounds!

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