• Affinity Express Studio for Mens was recently opened in response to popular demand. We thank our clients for their support and look forward to providing them world class services at their door step.

    Gone are the days where you found only the shaving cream, soap and after shave lotion as men’s facial make up needs. But the current generation are more conscious about their appearance and have graduated from being admirers of beauty to being good looking themselves. They are willing to use cosmetics to improve their overall look without worrying that their ‘macho’ image might be called into question.

    Today coloring hair has become a common fashion and it is dominating the fashion world. Some choose hair color for adding more beauty to the hair and some others choose hair color for gray coverage. Hair coloring is one of the quickest and most dramatic way to change your look. Hair color comes in different shades, forms and qualities for different hair textures.

    Our Services Include :
    Hair Care & Color
    Skin Care

    Men skin care products tend to be lighter and less complicated chemically, and are designed to promote maximum soothing and healing of freshly shaved skin. Use of the products depends on one’s age. As one gets older, the skin tends to dry up, mild cleansers with more moisturising effects are to be used. Use an effective sunscreen regularly. For the face, use a face wash depending on your skin type.

    Men’s skin care usually involves using a cleanser, shaving cream, conditioner, a toner, and a moisturizer.

We use only premium hair care and beauty products


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